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Win the Battle: Alternative Therapies for Depression


Depression is one of the most common mental health diagnoses in society today. Unfortunately, the typical medications can have harmful and sometimes devastating side effects. Fortunately there are alternative therapies for depression that can be used alone or in addition to a drug therapy plan. Some of the common signs and symptoms of depression include fatigue or insomnia, hopelessness, suicidal ideations, crying spells, anxiety, and social withdrawal. Depression can affect someone’s work, relationships, self esteem, and daily functioning. Unfortunately mental health diagnoses have a very negative depiction within society and can make it difficult for people to come forward and seek treatment. However, because of the strain and destruction it can have on one’s life, it is important to seek help. It is good to know that there are medications as well as alternative therapies for depression that can be used and are available. However, because depression can be a serious problem even the alternative therapies should be monitored and introduced by a physician or medical professional.

The most common of the alternative therapies for depression is most definitely psychotherapy. This gives people a trusting and supportive environment to clear their head as well as discuss the troubles they are having in life that are causing the depression. It is important to note that sometimes depression can be caused by a chemical imbalance and in that case, medications and blood tests are often the route that is taken to alleviate the distress. However, for those who are experiencing situational depression, psychotherapy is an excellent treatment option. Through this therapy, people are often able to discover what it is that is causing the depression, heal old wounds, and gain some understanding on how to obtain higher self esteem and self worth. Another one of the most common alternative therapies for depression is exercise and nutrition. It is quite common for people with depression to have low body image and self esteem. Therefore, with exercise and diet, the body image of someone can be improved. In addition, because social isolation and withdrawal can be a symptom of depression it forces the person out of the house and around other people. Similar to this, is yoga. Yoga offers not only the element of exercise and socialization, but also offers the therapeutic benefits of meditation. Regardless of the alternative therapies for depression that are available, the most important thing is for help to be sought. People often hate the side effects of typical medication and therefore may find comfort and improvement under the arms of alternative therapies for depression.

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