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Social Anxiety Symptoms To Watch For


Social anxiety is one of the many classes of anxiety disorder. As is the case with the other forms of this condition, the symptoms can be very real to the person suffering from them. In fact, they can be so strong that complete avoidance of triggers is the defense mechanism that kicks in. Understanding the symptoms and what to watch out for can help a person who might have social anxiety realize the need to seek assistance to control and even overcome the condition.

Since many of the symptoms of social anxiety also mimic life-threatening and serious physical conditions, it is almost always advised that a physician be the one to determine the root cause. Even if the triggers are "obvious" social anxiety, such as an extreme fear of speaking in public or going to job interviews, a physical evaluation is almost always called for.

Some of the more common symptoms of social anxiety include:

• Dizziness. This symptom can present itself in the middle of an anxiety-producing social interaction and even in anticipation of it. Since it can also be a sign of a variety of medical conditions, getting it checked out is wise.
• Heart palpitations. People with social anxiety often report racing heartbeats, chest pain and general discomfort. These can also be signs of a heart attack.
• Nausea, stomach complaints. These symptoms quite commonly go along with social anxiety and a host of other physical conditions.
• Sweating, blushing and trembling. These are outwardly noticeable physical signs of a host of conditions, including social anxiety. If they present in the midst of an angst-producing social situation, they are likely caused by social anxiety. Medical determination is still not a bad idea.
• Other symptoms. People with social anxiety also report such things as an inability to concentrate, sleep or enjoy life. Some people find they suffer from headaches, general malaise and even such symptoms as a tightening throat, dry mouth and chills.

Social anxiety can present as an extreme fear of a very particular social situation. It can also impact all aspects of life outside of a house. In extreme cases, people might try to completely remove themselves from any and all situations that have been known to trigger extreme feelings of fear.

Getting a full medical and psychological evaluation to eliminate other potential causes can put a person with social anxiety on the right path for recovery. If the condition is properly diagnosed and treated, there is a very good chance a patient can overcome the situation. In many cases, a combination of medications and/or therapy will be prescribed to help a sufferer regain control over life and social situations. Being a little apprehensive in public situations is not at all abnormal. When fears overwhelm, there is likely a more serious problem involved.

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