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The Causes of Anxiety Attacks

from: Anxiety attacks can be frustrating and can prevent you from doing the things you enjoy doing and have to do each day. Knowing the causes of anxiety attacks can help you regain control of your anxiety and reduce the number of attacks you experience. The causes of anxiety attacks can result from many situations and objects.

All of us find ourselves in anxiety provoking situations one time or another. It may be speaking in front of a group, going in for a job interview or meeting new people. Those with anxiety attacks feel the anxiety but their anxiety is intensified. They begin to feel uncontrollable anxiety as well as some physical symptoms that make staying in the situation impossible. Knowing the cause of anxiety attacks can help you avoid and deal with the situations in a better way.
Some causes of anxiety attacks have to do with social anxiety. This has to do with when you approach someone or a group. You may fear that they will think negatively about you or you will say the wrong thing. You also may worry that you will not be able follow through if you are speaking in front of a group when giving a speech or presentation.
Another cause of anxiety attacks has to do with objects. Bridges are a common feared object that many experience anxiety over. This may be a result of hearing about a tragedy on a bridge or experiencing something on the bridge. Anxiety attacks having to do with objects are difficult to work with but it is possible to break this fear, worry and anxiety that you feel about the object. You will need to work with a therapist to learn ways to overcome your fear.
You may experience anxiety over situations that haven’t happened because just thinking that the situation could happen is enough to trigger an attack. This cause of anxiety attacks has to do with cognitions and your brain processes. By working with a therapist, you will be able to learn ways to change your cognitions so that you do not continue to think of situations that do not exist. Changing your thinking is possible and there are effective skills you can use to stop your mind from imagining the worst.
If you are experiencing anxiety attacks without knowing where the anxiety is coming from then figuring out the cause of anxiety attacks can be difficult. You may feel good one day and feel anxious the next day without anything new happening or being in an anxiety provoking situation. In this case, you will need to speak to your doctor to discuss your physical symptoms of your attacks. There is medication to help with your physical symptoms as well as your anxiety. A therapist can help in this situation by teaching you ways to handle the days when you feel as though anxiety has hit you for no apparent reason. The therapist may even be able to help you find a reason for the anxiety.
There can be many reasons for your anxiety attacks. Figuring the causes can help you work on them. Until you can identify what is causing you fear, worry and panic you won’t be able to free yourself from these attacks. Working with your healthcare professional is the best way to do this.

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