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´╗┐The Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks

from: The physical symptoms of anxiety attacks are the most difficult to control when you are experiencing anxiety. Not only are you experiencing the fear and worry associated with an anxiety provoking situation but you begin to feel sick, having a heart attack, having a seizure, going crazy or going to die. These are just some of the feelings that you will feel just from the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks.

When you begin feeling the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks it is difficult to keep your body from reacting. Not only does it make your psychological or emotional feelings worse but it takes a toll on your body.
When you start having an anxiety attack your mind tells your body that you are in a dangerous situation. Your body responds by trying to either fight the dangerous situation or run from it. In both instances, you will feel like your body is going in overdrive to try to get away from the anxiety provoking situation.
The physical symptoms of anxiety attacks can start with your heart racing or heart palpitations. When you first feel anxiety you will begin feeling your heart beating faster and you may have a hard time catching your breath. You may experience chest pain or feel tightening in your chest. This may cause you even more fear and anxiety because you may think you are having a heart attack.
You may have some stomach problems such as diarrhea or an upset stomach. This can happen even if you are not experiencing any other physical symptoms of anxiety attacks. Along with the stomach problems, you may experience headaches as well. Nausea, dizziness and feeling lightheaded can be present. Involuntary twitches, jitters or shaking will make you feel like you are having a seizure. You may feel temperature changes like hot flashes or chills and feel tingling in your extremities.
If you are experiencing these physical symptoms of anxiety attacks you may feel terror so intense that you are paralyzed. You may also feel like you are going insane because of the feeling of total lack of control over what is going on with your body. It is important to realize what is going on with your body and know if these symptoms are directly related to your anxiety attack. Since many of these symptoms are characteristic of other major medical issues, medical attention may be needed if you are not familiar with the intensity of your anxiety attacks.
Learning ways to control your anxiety is the best way to help your psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety attacks. You can learn effective coping skills to deal with your anxiety provoking situations so you will be able to calm your anxiety before it gets to a level where your body feels like it needs to step in and take control.

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