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´╗┐Signs and Symptoms of Panic Attacks


When someone experiences a panic attack for the first time they may not know what the signs and symptoms of panic attacks. People react differently to anxiety provoking situations and because of this, the signs and symptoms of panic attacks are different for each person. The main symptoms that everyone experiences are psychological and physical. Exactly what psychological and physical symptoms each person possesses can vary from a couple or all of them.
The signs and symptoms of panic attacks start with the psychological symptoms. When someone enters into an anxious state they will immediately start to feel a certain way. This means that they will begin to feel worry, fear, dread or overall anxiety about the situation. Someone may feel that they are going to die because the fear of the situation is so great. The emotions that run through the mind of someone who is about to have a panic attack are so severe that it can temporarily paralyze you. This terror that you feel is so overwhelming that you start to have physical symptoms in reaction to the psychological symptoms you experience.
The reason why you experience physical symptoms as part of the signs and symptoms of panic attacks is because your body will go through fight or flight. When you are faced with an anxiety provoking situation your body will either want to fight or overcome the situation or want to get away from it. To do one of these, your body will react physiologically. These signs and symptoms of panic attacks can be some of the worst and make the anxiety you experience even greater.
When you start to feel anxious your heart may start to beat faster and you may experience heart palpitations. Because of this, you may feel tightening in your chest. You may even feel like you are having a heart attack. This is a normal reaction to a fearful situation. You may also feel sick like having an upset stomach, diarrhea, headache, or nausea. Neurological symptoms include feeling like you are having a seizure. You may have twitches, the jitters or other involuntary movements. Some go through internal temperature changes and either have the chills or hot flashes.
The signs and symptoms of panic attacks differ for everyone but almost everyone experiences at least one of these. Panic attacks usually peak in 10 minutes and last for 30 minutes or longer. Many times the physical symptoms will subside and then the psychological. If you are able to control your psychological symptoms before they become out of control then you can prevent physical symptoms or at least reduce the severity of them. You may need medication to help reduce your anxiety and learn techniques to handle anxiety provoking situations. By seeking medical attention and learn effective coping skills you will be able to reduce or eliminate panic attacks.

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