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Hypnotherapy for panic attacks has been used on many people who suffer from many episodes of anxiety or panic attacks. For some, this form of treatment is very effective in reducing the number of attacks experienced each month. Hypnotherapy for panic attacks approaches the triggers for the attacks, psychological symptoms as well as the physical symptoms associated with these anxiety attacks.
If you feel that you would benefit from hypnotherapy for panic attacks, you will need to find someone who is experienced in doing hypnotherapy especially for panic attacks. There are many different types of hypnotherapies and someone who knows how to approach panic attacks is important. Hypnotherapy for panic attacks specifically deals with the psychological as well as the physical symptoms of the disorder.
Hypnotherapy for panic attacks will help you reduce the number of panic attacks you experience by working with your unconscious and how it deals with anxiety provoking situations. The hypnotherapist will put you in a relaxed and vulnerable state. Once you are in this state, the hypnotherapist will suggest ways to decrease anxiety in a way that your unconscious will respond. The hypnotherapist will be able to teach your subconscious to resist anxiety when you are faced with something that causes you fear and worry.
If there is a specific situation or object that causes your panic attacks, hypnotherapy for panic attacks will help you release the fear that you experience with this situation or object. This seems to be more effective than medication for some people because it trains your unconscious to not respond to the situation or the object in a fearful or worrisome manner. The hypnotherapist can go over a situation in detail and when you begin to feel anxious the hypnotherapist can bring your anxiety back down to a controllable level. When this is done a few times, it teaches your body what to do when you encounter that situation again.
While bringing your anxiety down to a controllable level, it will also bring the physiological responses your body goes through when confronted with an anxious situation down as well. Hypnotherapy for panic attacks can reduce and alleviate the physical symptoms you experience during a panic attack. The hypnotherapist will approach your physical symptoms just like she approaches the psychological. She will bring you to a relaxed state and then review a situation or object in full detail so that you begin to feel anxious. When your level of anxiety has reached a heightened point, the therapist will bring your anxiety back down and focus on your physical symptoms.
When you are having a panic attack, your heart may race, you may have heart palpitations, sweat, hot flashes or chills. You may also experience nausea, headaches, stomach upset as well as other bodily issues. The hypnotherapist will tell you to breathe to get your heart rate back down and calm other physiological reactions. By calming you while you are in the midst of having an uncontrollable reaction, it will train your body to calm itself when confronted with a panic situation.
Hypnotherapy for panic attacks can help those who have severe and frequent panic attacks. Some people find taking medication as well as seeing a hypnotherapist can significantly reduce their symptoms. Some people only need to see a hypnotherapist to reduce the number of attacks they experience. You can find a hypnotherapist for panic attacks by contacting your healthcare professional.