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How Medical Causes Panic Attacks


Panic attacks can be caused by psychological disorders as well as medical disorders. Medical causes panic attacks by affecting the way that you handle anxiety. Some medical disorders make it much harder for you to control stressors that you normally wouldn’t have a problem handling. Medical disorders can also cause anxiety which could lead to panic attacks. Because of medical causes panic attacks can be more frequent and harder to treat.
There are many medical causes panic attacks can be attributed to; many doctors will give you a blood test when you first visit with symptoms of panic attack. This is the simplest way to find out what may be causing your attacks and a starting point to finding a cure. Doctors do not want panic attacks to mask serious medical disorders because many of these medical problems can become worse without treatment.
One of the first things that a doctor should test you for when you have a medical cause panic attack consultation is Thyroid Disorder. Thyroid Disorders have been known to cause anxiety, irritability and other psychological symptoms. Many of these symptoms can turn into panic attacks over time because the anxiety and irritability builds up. To find out if you have a Thyroid Disorder, the doctor just needs to give you a simple blood test.
Sleep Disorders also can be a medical cause, panic attacks route from anxiety and when you are not able to get a restful night sleep, your susceptibility to stress and anxiety is heightened. We all know what it feels like to lack sleep and how it interferes with our life. When you don’t get the sleep your body needs you become irritable, on edge, anxious and many other symptoms very common in those who have panic attacks. By identifying whether or not you have a Sleep Disorder it will help solve the problem you are having with panic attacks.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is when you either are unable to have a bowel movement or you have chronic diarrhea. Having uncontrollable diarrhea is a problem when you are in a public place or have to keep excusing yourself. It’s also embarrassing when you are at work or school and have to run to use the restroom. You can become frustrated, anxious and worried that you will have to use the restroom but unable to because you are either stuck in a vehicle or meeting. This worry and fear can accumulate and you may start to have this anxiety everyday which intensifies IBS symptoms and can cause panic attacks. By speaking to your doctor about your IBS and finding treatment for the condition you will be able to feel more confident and secure that you won’t have to run to use the restroom at inopportune times, which will significantly alleviate your anxiety and risk for a panic attack.
Some heart conditions can be a medical cause, panic attacks effect your heart in that it speed up heart rate, gives you heart palpitations and a tightening feeling in your chest. Some heart conditions can mimic many of the symptoms of having a panic attack and because of this can cause more anxiety for you. It is important to speak to your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing with your panic attacks so that your doctor can make sure your heart condition is not worsening and possibly find a way to help the symptoms you are having.
Medical causes panic attacks in many ways. There are many other medical disorders that can contribute to the anxiety, worry and fear you feel that leads to a panic attack. The most important thing to remember is to consult with your doctor so that you can get the care that you need.

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