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´╗┐Behavior Modifications for Preschoolers


Behavior modifications are used anytime there are problems with behavior, whether it's for individuals that are mentally retarded, child and adults with traumatic brain injuries, children with ADHD, and there are even behavior modifications for preschoolers.

Professional therapists and psychologists say that the key to not having behavior problems with preschoolers is to prevent them before they start. As most parents will attest, this is often easier said than done. Many times for one reason or another, behavior problems start at a young age. With all the controversy over negative reinforcement and spanking children, the use of positive behavior modifications for preschoolers has become very widely used.

Behavior modifications for preschoolers can be any type of positive reinforcements that the child responds to, with praise and compliments being the most effective. All children love praise from their parents, but young children crave it even more. It is much easier to get a preschooler to respond to requests when they are made as requests rather than demands. Preschoolers can also be convinced of more ideas and thoughts than older children can.

Whether you are dealing with behavior modifications for preschoolers or for older children, you will still need some sore of behavior modification plan to work with. The behavior modification plan needs to have specific criteria to be successful. Some parents choose to make a behavior modification chart listing the behavior they would like to see improved. With young children such as preschoolers, it is best to focus on one or two problems at first. Once you've determined which areas need the most improvement, you will have to determine what your goals are, both long term and short term.

The next step is to evaluate and assess your preschooler's behavior and determine what surrounding factors bring on the bad behavior. What precedes the bad behavior? Is it when they get overtired? Is it after they've eaten certain foods? Are they alone or with someone else when they begin to misbehave? Once you've determined all these factors, you need to evaluate them and decide what steps you are going to use to deter the bad behavior.

Behavior modifications for preschoolers are often a reward or treat system. Parents need to sit down with the preschooler and explain what is expected of them and what they will get when they behave. Even children as young as preschoolers have things they enjoy doing such as going to the library, the park or perhaps a sleepover. Set goals for your child, but make sure they are goals that can be met. For instance, telling a preschooler that is he behaves for a month, he will get a treat would be futile because they don't understand the concept of what a month is. You would be setting them up for failure. Start with a 3-5 days and continue this way for a month. At this time, evaluate how successful the plan has been or if it needs adjustments.

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