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´╗┐There are Many Benefits using Behavior Modification


Although the use of behaviour modifications is fairly new to many parents and teachers, it has been used for many years with individuals suffering from behavior problems due to mental retardation, ADHD, depression, mood disorders and many other causes. The benefits using behavior modification has been proven repeatedly.

Years ago, if a parent had a problem with discipline, the child was "taken to the wood shed", so to speak. While a good spanking and lecture helped many children, it has also hurt many children. This is not to mention the legal ramifications of spanking children today. Many parents have grown up to be mature responsible adults and look back on our childhood with happy memories. We tell our children when we were their age our parents spanked us and look how good we turned out. In many cases, this is true.

However, the legal system has stepped in and made child abuse a large issue, taking away the right of a parent to spank their child for poor behavior. While spanking may be effective in some cases, it's been proven that "physical discipline" becomes a hereditary thing and often leads to poor self-esteem. One of the many benefits using behavior modification is that there is not a self-esteem problem with the child. There are other benefits using behavior modification such as the lack of violence as was seen with spanking.

Behavior modification is the process of changing poor behavior into positive behavior and making it the child's decision. Benefits using behavior modification also include being longer lasting and more effective than other means such as spanking or punishment. Behavior modification begins with acknowledging what the behavior problems are and what behavior you want changed. Giving the child alternative positive behavior is beneficial in the long run.

Many times bad behavior surfaces due to some specific conditions in either the home or school. Until these conditions are identified and corrected, the behavior continues. Benefits using behavior modification are that the child is shown the correct way to handle situations in a positive way. Good behavior becomes a pattern with consistency from the parents and the school.

In some circumstances, behavior modification may appear to not work or be ineffective. Many parents complain that they've tried behavior modification on their child and it didn't work. Most of the time, the reason it didn't work was that it wasn't consistent. The same happens in schools with teachers dealing with children that exhibit behavior problems. Another reason is that teachers aren't always fully educated on the benefits using behavior modification, or even how it should be handled. When properly introduced and carried out completely, behavior modification can be one of the most effective ways to deal with behavior problems.

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