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Behavior modification is when behavior is altered or modified by means of some sort of therapy or by the use of positive reinforcement. Behavior modification education will help the person involved to learn the correct ways to help the person with the inappropriate behavior. Behavior modification is most often used with child that exhibit negative behavior. If individuals are interested in learning more about behavior modification, education is available in the form of workshops, classes and counseling.

Some of the behavior modification education courses and topics available are for people that are depressed, mentally retarded or suffer from ADHD. ADHD is a very common situation that requires behavior modification. It's important that parents of children suffering and diagnosed with ADHD equipped themselves with some behavior modification education so they can best help their children. There are different methods that can be used for behavior modification, and it's important to use the one that will best help each individual. A method that may work for one child or adult may not be effective for another. A psychologist or therapist is properly equipped with enough behavior modification education to be able to correctly advise you on the best care.

There has been much controversy about correct methods to be used for behavior modification; with some believing punishment is the best way to deal with poor behavior. Others, however, believe that punishment does not work as well as positive reinforcement, nor will it last as long. With correct behavior modification education, these individuals would come to agree with the professionals that have proven the effectiveness of positive reinforcement such as praise and compliments to improve behavior.

Another thing that behavior modification education teaches is the importance of consistency in behavior modification. Children or people with behavior problems need to have goals set for them and the goals need to be consistent, but cannot be unrealistic. It the goals are set too high, the child will repeatedly fail and get frustrated. Once frustrated and discouraged, the child may resort to bad behavior once again. Sometimes when parents see this happen, the assume that positive reinforcement isn't working so resort to punishment, not realizing the goals were just set too high. With some behavior modification education, they would come to realize the problem was with their method of training and not with the child.

The goals should be very reachable for the child, so when they complete the goal, they will be praised and continue to behave in a positive manner. If the child does fail, don't let them dwell on their failure. Reset their goals and when they succeed, instantly give them praise. With consistent behavior modification like this, gradually a change in the behavior will be seen.