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´╗┐The Highly Successful Behavior Modification Level System


Behavior Modification is handled in many different ways depending on what the behavior problem is, the mental ability of the person, the age of the person and who is performing the behavior modification. In most cases, the subject of the behavior problem is a child, with children in their teens being the most common. A very effective and widely used method is by means of a behavior modification level system.

There are many organizations, programs and facilities that deal with behavioral problems with children and teens using the behavior modification level system. The behavior modification level system works by means of a level system, where they start in the program at the lowest level or level one. There are specific rules that must be followed from the beginning of the program to the end. There are specific facilities that deal with nothing but behavior problems so their behavior modification level system is almost identical for each patient.

When the child enters the program, the child and their parents are informed of the rules and they usually sign forms to that affect. They are explained as to how the behavior modification level system works with the child beginning at level 1. Level 1 usually consists of the child following a certain set of rules right to the letter with no extra privileges. Privileges may be phone calls, visits, letter writing, etc. With the behavior modification level system, the child has to obey all the rules to move to the next level.

When the child advances to the next level, they are given one or two privileges, depending on what the program rules entail or allow. If the child has disobeyed even one of the rules in the first week, he not only does not advance to the next level, but also has to stay at level one for a longer period. In cases where the child has exhibited bad behavior in addition to not following the rules, there are consequences they must face as part of the behavior modification level system. In some instances, the consequences may be not advancing to the next level, but they may also consist of some sort of punishment such as chores, etc. Usually, however, they try to deal in positive reinforcement rather than negative such as punishments.

The purpose of the behavior modification level system is to show the child that in order to get privileges they need to earn them by positive behavior. It teaches them that they make choices in their lives and have to live with the consequences of those choices. This program has been highly effective with troubled teens provided the system continued to be used in their home with their families.

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