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Major Depression – Just Don’t Bother Me!


Depression comes in many forms covering the spectrum from mild to severe. At one end is very mild depression which is more like a continuing state of sadness. You don’t stop eating or refuse to participate in any social activities. You probably don’t enjoy anything you agree to do. Major depression, on the other hand, can be debilitating. You not only don’t have any joy in your life, you might not even want to get out of bed.

When you see commercials for major depression on television, the person is portrayed as lifeless. He or she just sits and stares or doesn’t interact with family. The wife may talk to the husband, and he doesn’t even hear because the mind is in a black hole. It’s like being slowly suffocated and unable to come up for air.

Major depression can affect everything in your life. It impacts how you view yourself. It can interfere with your life activities. It can destroy relationships with family and friends. It can even cause physical harm. If you stop eating and lose too much weight, the situation is exacerbated. Already immobile from major depression, the lack of proper nutrition erodes energy levels even further.

Major depression is also called major depressive order. It’s diagnosed when you have certain symptoms that most likely occur every single day. There’s no break from the depression. These symptoms include things like inability to sleep, chronic fatigue, low or no self esteem, and being able to make even small decisions that were regularly made in the past. The symptoms will last over 2 weeks and show no abatement as time goes by.

The symptoms of major depression are about changing patterns of behavior and thoughts. Things you could do in the past are now too difficult. You don’t really care about anything around you and just don’t want to be bothered. Instead, someone with major depression dwells on all the negative thoughts about him or herself.

One of the worst symptoms of major depression is the development of thoughts of suicide. That’s why it’s so important to intervene with treatment when you suspect someone you love has major depression. The person may not even recognize what’s going on. But if you have any thoughts about suicide, then you need to get help immediately.

The good news is that treatments will work with major depression. Severe cases of depression are almost always treated with medication combined with other forms of help. Antidepressant medications work very well, and once they begin to take effect you will find yourself ready for other treatments such as cognitive and behavior therapy.