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A Magazine Article on Panic Disorders


Research, as reported in more than one magazine article on panic disorders, has proven time and again that exercise is one of the best treatments for anxiety. It’s amazing that so often increasing physical activity is the answer to many human problems. That’s because many good reactions occur when you participate in a regular exercise program.

• Reduces muscle and skeletal tension
• Stimulates endorphin production
• Improves personal appearance which affects attitudes about self
• Increased metabolic rate
• Decreases feelings of depression
• Teaches control

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list, because exercise can have many other positive effects on the mind, body and spirit. But the point of any magazine article on panic disorders addressing ways to deal with anxiety is that exercise offsets many of the very things going on within us that create the panic attacks. For example, increasing the metabolic rate helps your body to control the excess adrenaline your body may be producing. Adrenaline is produced when the body is in a state of anxiety.

As you will also learn when reading a magazine article on panic disorders, exercise is a great release for pent up emotions, feelings and stress. Exercise is an outlet without compare and should be used in conjunction with any other treatment including medications or counseling. But many times, a person who begins regular exercise discovers they can use exercise to resolve many issues in their life.

If you are looking for ways to prevent or control panic attacks, you can find a lot of information in a magazine article on panic disorders. Magazine articles can be found on websites or in print. You can use keywords that will lead to reports on current research in the areas of stress, anxiety, worry, depression and panic. But you should also look for articles written on physiological responses to stress, and that’s where exercise enters the picture.

A panic attack is when the body experiences the fight-or-flight mode. Scientists believe it’s a self-defense mechanism which prepares the body for the extra strength needed to fight or escape a perceived threat. When the physical reactions stay at a high level and don’t subside due to your physical, emotional or mental issues in your life, the panic attacks can happen at any time. As any magazine article on panic disorders will explain, exercise is a physically comprehensive response for a host of issues of which anxiety is just one.

Everyone has also been proven to assist with quicker recovery when you do experience a panic attack. Exercise teaches you how to control your body through effort. This is exactly what you need to do when experiencing an anxiety or panic attack. You should be able to calm yourself and reduce the fight-or-flight symptoms. So when you look for a magazine article on panic disorders, be sure to look for one on implementing an exercise program. You will also find many other articles related to panic disorders that can help you gain control of your life.