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Paper on Panic Disorders


IF you’re interested on reading a medical or research paper on panic disorders, there are plenty available. If you want to write your own paper, there’s also many ways to approach the research. A good place to begin is by contacting the Anxiety Disorders Association of America by calling, writing or through the internet. This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the many different kinds of anxieties people experience. The association tracks medical studies, reports on new research and even publishes a newsletter. There are other organizations that also maintain websites such as the Anxiety Network International or the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation.

When you want to read a paper on panic disorders, you’ll discover various topics within the broad category.

• How to recognize the start of a panic attack
• How to arrest a panic attack
• How to recognize thinking that leads to panic attacks
• Alternative treatments for pack disorders
• How to differentiate between anxiety attacks and panic disorders
• How to take control of your life

If you need to do research for a paper on panic disorders, you can gain a lot of information by doing research online and through resource materials. In order to research panic disorders, you’ll want to understand the many related issues. For example, you should be familiar with terms like stress, depression, relaxation, worry and phobias. One of the main areas of misunderstanding is the difference between phobias and disorders.

As you will discover in any paper on panic disorders, panic attacks happen to people with anxiety and with full blown panic disorder. But anxiety attacks are not the same as panic disorders. A person with anxiety worries excessively about something that can be defined. The worry causes a physical reaction. When the anxiety gets so severe you decide to avoid the situation so you don’t feel anxiety, then it becomes a phobia. For example, if you refuse to drive on an expressway because of fear you continually experience at the very idea, you have a phobia.

But you will continue to learn in a paper on panic disorders that anxiety becomes a disorder when the physical reactions are not due to any particular situation. It follows then there’s nothing to avoid because the anxiety is not due to something defined. Therefore, panic disorders are not phobias.

This is just one of many areas of study related to anxiety and panic disorders. You can find a paper on panic disorders related to any area of interest. You can read general information or narrow your research as desired. It’s important to understand the terminology so you can begin to deal with your particular circumstances in an appropriate manner, or so you can understand the research you read. For example, depending on the kind of attacks you experience, you may want to consider medications versus relaxation techniques.