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Treatments of Anxiety Panic Disorders


There are many methods used to treat panic disorders. The perfect blend of treatments of anxiety panic disorders depends upon the unique symptoms and conditions of the individual involved. For example, you may have panic disorder and depression, or generalized anxiety, or panic disorders and agoraphobia. Each case requires a different approach. But there is a basic set of treatments commonly used today, and elements for one or more are combined to create a program for improvement.

Anxiety panic disorders are different from the occasional anxiety most people experience in their life. Anxiety panic disorders include agoraphobia, socialization fears, obsessive-compulsive disorder and a host of other phobias and anxiety attacks. The various treatments used to address these anxieties are described in following sections.

Medical researchers have determined that stress plays an important part in the lives of people with panic disorders. Therefore, one of the primary treatments of anxiety panic disorders is learning how to reduce the impact of stress by learning to relax. This includes using breathing techniques and stretching exercises to release tension in the body.

Another one of the treatments of anxiety panic disorders frequently used is assertiveness training. You learn how to express your feelings, needs, wants and desires in a way that is non-aggressive. This enables you to live a life without the constant worry of what other people are thinking, doing or expecting from you. You learn effective communication skills.

Still another one of the forms of treatments of anxiety panic disorders applied is cognitive therapy. In cognitive therapy you learn how to stop thinking in negative terms about yourself. It’s been learned through studies that people with anxiety panic disorders often literally talk themselves into a panic. They imagine they will be unable to cope with certain situations or people and get anxious enough to create a panic attack. Cognitive therapy teaches you how to begin replacing negative thoughts with good thoughts about your coping abilities.

Exposure therapy is where you practice confronting situations that cause panic attacks. There’s also group counseling, psychotherapy, exercise and behavior modification that are used as treatments of anxiety panic disorders. In addition, medication is often prescribed in situations where the anxiety panic attacks are severe and occurring frequently.

One of the goals of many of the treatments of anxiety panic disorders is to make yourself more aware of how your thoughts contribute to your anxiety. When you suppress feelings, don’t express your real thoughts and allow only negative thoughts to rule your thinking, it creates a high level of worry and anxiety. One you become aware of these thoughts, the next step is to find ways to either prevent these self-defeating thoughts or to change the course of your thinking when they occur. For example, exercising is a good diversion, and it also causes the brain to produce more mood enhancing chemicals.

There are many treatments for anxiety panic disorders. You can often help yourself at home just by using several of the techniques.