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Herbal Medication Abuse Is A Potential Pitfall


Herbal medication has proven itself useful for the treatment of just about every medical condition under the sun. From easing symptoms of menopause and prostate troubles to lessening cold and flu complaints, the applications for natural herbs are virtually endless. Despite this, herbal medication is still technically a medication. Even though it is "natural," there is a potential for abuse. In fact, herbal medication abuse is considered a potential pitfall of going the natural route. This is especially so if users do not take the time or precautions to fully understand what it is they are taking. Herbal medication abuse typically results from a failure to understand all the facts of a particular supplement before taking it.

Herb medication abuse can come in the form of dependency in some instances or dangerous overuse or interactions in others. To prevent abuse, it is very smart for people considering herbal medications to carefully research the option. Some of the things to look at to avoid herbal medication abuse include:

• Potential addictive properties. Some herbal medications have the ability to create dependencies. While this is rare, as most marketed herbal medications are not addictive in nature, it does pay to carefully research the potential. If one stops and thinks about many of the addictive substances in the world, an abundance do come from natural sources.
• Correct dosing. Herbal medication abuse does not have to center on addiction to be abuse. In fact, the abuse of medication involves misuse, as well. Make sure dosing is carefully understood and followed to avoid any potential complications under or over use might have with an herbal medication.
• Correct duration. Herbal medication abuse can also stem from using an herb longer than it is supposed to be administered. In some cases, herbal use is suggested only in short durations in limited amounts. Read precautions before plunging into a long course of treatment with any herb.
• Potential interactions. It is very wise to understand if there are any known interactions with other medications. Certain herbs and prescription medications, for example, can create a rather toxic mix. This form of herbal medication abuse tends to fall in the realm of not reading all the facts before starting an herbal or prescription medication.

Most herbal medication sold over the counter, online and in health food stores and pharmacies is considered very safe. Despite this, it still is wise to fully understand what it being taken and how it should be administered. Doing otherwise could result in inadvertent herbal medication abuse.

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