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Herbal Medication Effect On Fetal Development Requires Attention


A lot of clinical studies have shown the effectiveness in certain herbal medications in treating a host of conditions. Whether it's headaches, depression, stomach complaints, pain or even menopause that plagues, there is typically a fairly well proven herbal medication to help. When it comes to herbal medication effort on fetal development, however, not a whole lot of study has been done. Some herbs, in fact, have been found to be dangerous for pregnant women to take - even some of the very seemingly harmless ones.

With the potential risks and lack of studies in mind, women are often urged to be very mindful of herbal medication effort on fetal development before delving into a new treatment option. While it is not accurate or even fair to say that all herbs have a bad herbal medication effect on fetal development, there are enough questions out there that women who are pregnant should take a few precautions.

Before taking any herbal supplements or even food products during pregnancy women should:

• Carefully review information on the herb in question. It pays to look and double look before taking any new medications. If there is a doubt at all, pick up the telephone and call the doctor. Herbal medication effect on fetal development can be rather severe in some cases. Even the widely used chamomile, for example, is not considered safe for pregnant women to use. While this doesn't effect fetal development, it can cause contractions.
• Consult a physician. To be 100 percent sure during pregnancy about herbal medication effect on fetal development, it is wise to consult the overseeing doctor. It may be that a certain herbal remedy would be safe, but other present conditions might make its use questionable. It might also turn out that a different herbal remedy is the better choice during pregnancy.
• Weigh the pros and cons. While many herbs have no negative herbal medication effect on fetal development, the studies might not be there to prove it. If there is any concern at all, pregnant women are better off erring on the side of caution.
• Look for alternatives. If a particular herbal medication effect on fetal development blocks the door on one natural remedy, seek out another. Perhaps herbs aren't the answer, but that doesn't mean other natural choices are out of the question.

While many herbal remedies have been widely studied and their effects on fetal development are known, this is not always the case. If there is any question at all about herbal medication effect on fetal development, women should very likely err on the side of caution.

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