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Cluster Headache Herbal Medication Article

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Cluster Headache Herbal Medication Provides Relief


Cluster headaches can be very painful, life derailing experiences. With pain that comes on like a freight train and promises to return, this condition is one that many people find themselves begging for medical assistance with. Symptoms of this relatively unusual condition include stabbing pain, extreme pressure, light sensitivity and nausea. Unlike migraines, clusters tend to come on fast, strike hard and then leave. Only, they return again in clusters. Considering the pain involved, the desire for many to find cluster headache herbal medication that works makes sense.

Cluster headache herbal medication is widely sought after considering the nature of this particular headache syndrome. Headaches in this form can occur up to about eight times a day and the pattern might last for weeks at a stretch. Unfortunately, the exact causes for this condition are not widely known. Some evidence supports the idea that sinuses and certain brain neurotransmitters might play a role.

Treating Cluster Headaches Medically

Medical doctors have a number of pharmaceuticals that their disposal that have proven relatively effective in treating clusters. Some, however, are considered unsavory due to addiction potential and other side effects. This is why many patients seek out cluster headache herbal medication instead. Prescription drugs used to treat these headaches range from Imitrex and DHE to preventatives, such as Topamax and Depakote.

Natural Treatments

Natural treatments, such as cluster headache herbal medication, have proven useful in helping many people overcome the worst effects of this syndrome. Some of the post popular treatments include:

• Oxygen. A breath of pure oxygen in the middle of an attack is said to be effective in more than half of the cases.
• Aromatherapy. The effectiveness of this cluster headache herbal medication treatment points to the sinus connection. Some people find this works incredibly well, especially with lavender, eucalyptus and sandalwood.
• Exercise. This can be difficult to think about in the middle of an attack, but many people find the release of endorphins helps them combat the worst. Plus, exercise gets the entire cardiovascular system going, which can be very good for cluster headaches.
• Peppermint creams, inhalants. These, too, seem to work very well for some sufferers.
• Relaxant herbs. Some headache sufferers find that herbs that relax, such as chamomile, work well to help ease them through cluster periods.

Cluster headache herbal medication and other natural treatments are generally considered safe and very much worth a try. As long as headaches have been medically examined and other potential causes ruled out, cluster headache herbal medication and natural remedies can provide the relief that many seek.