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History On Herbal Medication Article

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´╗┐The History On Herbal Medication Dates Back Centuries


The "New Age" movement might be new, but the history on herbal medication is anything but. The use of herbal medicines dates back centuries, with many scientists believing the earliest of humans understood the healing properties of certain plants.

The history on herbal medication includes a variety of specific herbs, uses and even locations all over the world. From the ancient Chinese to the early Greeks and Romans and even well before, the history on herbal medication includes uses for not only medicine, but also disinfecting, flavoring food, warding off "spirits" and more.

Earliest History On Herbal Medication

Archeological evidence points to the use of medicinal years thousands of years back in time. Some of the earliest evidence comes from a burial site in Iraq that is dated 60,000 years in the past. How much these early humans knew about herbal medicine remains a matter of debate, but the evidence is strong that the history of herbal medication dates back this far, if not farther.

Early Civilizations

The history on herbal medications becomes less sketchy by the time some of the earliest known civilizations began to make their mark on the world. From the ancient Egyptians and Chinese to the early Greeks, Romans, Mesopotamians and Germanic people, there is very good evidence to support the widespread use of herbal medicine. Ancient Chinese traditions, in fact, guide many of the practices still in use today.

The Dark Days

The Middle Ages were not the best period in the history on herbal medication. It was during this time that many superstitions came about in regard to the use of herbs. In fact, in some cases the use of herbal medicine was considered a sign of witchcraft. Although the use of herbal medication continued in this period, it was heavily frowned upon by authorities.

The Age Of Rebirth

The Renaissance brought with it a new interest in herbs for not only flavoring foods, but also medicinal purposes. By the 1600s, herbalism, botany and medicine were starting to go hand-in-hand. In fact, the study of herbs and botany came into vogue during this time.

Modern Times

Although the age of science clouded the discoveries of the past for a time, the history of herbal medication moved forward into the modern period. The "New Age" movement brought back into the spotlight a host of herbal remedies and preventatives. From ginseng and goldenseal to aloe and ginko, what was old has become new again. Scientists have even begun to lend credence to what the ancients knew. Many studies in recent times have backed the use of herbal medications for the treatment of a variety of conditions.

The history on herbal medication dates back virtually to man's beginning. From the earliest people on the planet to the great Greek and Roman civilizations, the healing properties of plants have long been heralded.