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Benefits of a Stress Management Presentation


People that give a stress management presentation are often physicians, public speakers, counselors, or teachers. The person speaking at a stress management presentation should be knowledgeable and have excellent communication skills. A stress management presentation or seminar will help people learn to identify the problem or problems causing stress and give them effective, practical tools to manage, reduce, or avoid stress at home and in the workforce. Stress management presentation often includes group discussions, exercises, and activities, which help individuals to determine the actual causes of their stress problems, assess their own personal stress levels, and recognize stress reaction patterns.

Individuals at a stress management presentation often discover that they are not alone when it comes to stress. Chronic or long-term stress is very destructive, causing most severe or serious stress problems. It often occurs slowly over a long period due to difficult or ongoing situations. Some of the many conditions that often result in recurrent or chronic stress include:

• People that are unhappy because they dislike their job, find it too demanding, or work under dangerous conditions often suffer from chronic stress.
• Life development stages and transitions such as, moving away from your family and friends, becoming a teenager, getting a divorce or married, can certainly cause stress.
• Health problems such as arthritis, heart disease and other chronic illnesses or being a caregiver for a family member with a chronic condition often results in stress.

A stress management presentation helps people understand some of the many symptoms or signs of stress that vary with every individual. Stress can affect people’s behavior, body, or mind with some experiencing one or more symptoms. People can suffer emotion symptoms such as hypersensitivity or uncontrolled crying while others behave completely out of character, and still others have physical symptoms such as acne, low back pain, or an increase in blood pressure.

A stress management presentation helps people understand and identify some of the very common indications or red flags, which help them, recognize and deal with stress before it becomes overwhelming. Some of the common emotional symptoms include; agitation; feeling lonely, overwhelmed, isolated or tense; moodiness; depression; restlessness; and a short temper. Physical symptoms include; skin problems such as acne, eczema, or hives; constipation or diarrhea; low or no sex drive; backaches; nausea; weight loss or gain; tense muscles; or chest pains. A stress management presentation describes some stress behavioral symptoms as; self-medicating by using substances such as alcohol or illegal drugs; overreacting when problems arise; nervous habits such as jaw clenching, nail biting, pacing, or grinding your teeth; and spending all your time alone by isolating yourself.