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True or False Stress Management Quiz


Stress is a very common problem, affecting people in many different ways, which makes it a popular topic of conversation. A stress management quiz can help you separate the stress myths from the accurate stress facts and test your stress knowledge. The more knowledge and facts you have regarding stress, the easier it is to find ways to improve your health and manage your stress problems. See if you know what stress myths are and what stress facts are by completing the following true or false stress management quiz.

• Stress does not cause any physical problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and acne.

If you answered false to this stress management quiz question, you are correct. Although stress causes emotional problems, it can also cause many physical conditions such as breathing problems, diarrhea, heart problems, sleeping difficulties, hives, and headaches. Constant stress can affect your nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems. It some individuals, stress can contribute to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems, and extreme weight loss or gain. Many people turn to alcohol, drugs, and food when they are depressed and stressed out.

• You do not get premature grey hair caused strictly from stress.

The answer to this question on the stress management quiz is true. Although stress can cause you to lose your hair by falling out, aging is the cause of people’s hair turning grey.

• There is both good stress and bad stress.

On this question on the stress management quiz, if you answered false, you are incorrect. Eustress is healthy or good stress that results from such things as getting a job promotion, purchasing a new home, getting married, or meeting a challenge. Good stress is often exciting or fun. Acute stress, which is very common, can be either positive or negative and is normally short-term. Chronic stress, which often leads to burnout, is a devastating, inescapable, continuous stress that feels like it will last forever. Some causes of chronic stress are an extremely difficult, taxing job or a bad marriage. Some conditions influenced by chronic stress include obesity, diabetes, gum and tooth disease, hyperthyroidism, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder, ulcers, and heart disease.

• People that are well off do not experience stress because they have fewer financial worries and are generally happy and contented.

The answer to this question on the stress management quiz is false. Everyone has heard the expression ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ and that is the truth. Although rich people have more options, they often suffer from stress the same as people in lower income brackets, often due to financial commitments they make such as more expensive cars and heftier mortgages.