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Healthy Coping Strategies and Stress Management Skills


Stress management skills are knowledge and abilities that let people respond creatively and positively to stress and stressful situations. Stress management skills range from stress reduction techniques and health awareness to anger management, improved interpersonal skills, organizational management, assertiveness training and time management. People that develop excellent stress management skills are better equipped to understand and deal with stress and the negative impact it can have on their workplace and personal life. Healthy coping strategies are some of the best, most valuable stress management skills and tools and teach you ways to relax your mind and body, which helps people work through negative emotions.

Some body-centered relaxation, stress management skills that help people avoid stress or deal with stresses physical symptoms include massage, breathing exercises, yoga, and more. Back, neck, and shoulder massage therapy relieves stress and increases your sense of well-being. You can ask a family member or friend for a massage, visit a message therapist, or go to a health spa where massage is part of their pampering session. Breathing exercises such as deep breathing and controlled breathing are a simple, fast, free way to relieve stress, which you can do anytime and anywhere. Stress management skills such as yoga is wonderful for physical, stress, and spiritual well-being. Some of yoga many benefits include reduced stress; lower blood pressure; sound sleep; slowed aging process; spiritual growth; reduced muscle tension and anxiety; and increased flexibility and strength.

Many stress management skills are very enjoyable and this includes music therapy, which is a wonderful way to alleviate stress and change your mood. Be sure to select music you enjoy because everyone’s taste in music is different so listening to relaxation music you dislike will have the opposite result and create stress. Music therapy often increases deep breathing and reduces pain, or cuts down stress when played softly in the background at work.

Stress management skills teach people the importance of exercise to reduce both stress response and stress. Swimming, jogging, aerobics, bicycling, walking, or stretching, all help to increase people’s heart rates and reverse stresses harmful effects. A great way to manage stress is moderate, regular physical activity, which can include things such as vigorously doing yard work or cleaning your house. You not only reduce stress but also have a place that looks wonderful as a bonus.

When considering different stress management skills to help you relax, unwind, and relieve stress and tension, make time each day to do something you enjoy. Take up a hobby such as crafts, gardening, writing, golf, or other meaningful activities to relax and relieve stress.