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Many experts define stress as emotional, psychological, or even physical response to events, incidents or an outside force that cause a person to experience mental or bodily tension. Symptoms of physical stress can vary from very mild to extremely serious and include headaches, ulcers, excessive sweating, hair loss, tense muscles, insomnia, strokes, digestive problems and fatigue. Psychological stress includes symptoms such as eating disorders, phobias, night terrors, excessive compulsive behaviors, and complete withdrawal from society. There are many responses due to emotional stress including, depression, anger, memory loss, anxiety, lack of concentration, irritability, and nervousness. Several effective stress reduction techniques include, stress management software, time management software, deep breathing, relaxation software, exercise, reading, taking a vacation, meditation, yoga, and anger management software. Stress management experts agree that everyone has their own ways that help them when they become overstressed.

Stress management software such as relaxation and deep breathing software is perfect for computer operators that spend long stressful hours each day sitting in front of their computers. This software helps you learn to keep your breathing flowing and open because deep breathing reduces computer stress, relaxes you, and helps get rid of tension and anxiety. People that breathe shallow and do not exhale enough carbon dioxide or inhale enough oxygen often suffer from stress, fatigue, and decreased tissue function. Deep breathing stress management software teaches people to breath deeply for their health. Shallow breathing causes lung and chest tissue constriction, which decreases the oxygen delivery and flow to your tissues. This often causes physical stress, whereas rhythmic, deep breathing invokes calm, relaxation response. One great thing about deep breathing stress management software is you can do the exercises at work on your break or lunch hour.

Stress management software, such as time management software, helps disorganized employees that continuously run late or have no idea how to manage their time and end up completely stressed and unable to function properly. Effective time management and organization helps employees by improving their quality of life and reducing stress. It is a devastating, stressful feeling knowing your work continues to pile up and due to disorganized, you cannot devote the time and attention needed to improve the situation. Time and organization stress management software helps people that lack these skills. Some of the many time management tips suggested include learning to prioritize your tasks so you spend more energy and time on the most important jobs. Learn to make a list, plan each day, putting the important jobs first, and always keep your schedule and goals in mind.