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´╗┐Ten Tips for Stress Management to Make Your Life Happier


Most people have to deal with stress at some point in their lives so here are ten tips for stress management that help reduce tension and stress.

1. Getting enough sleep each night is extremely important because when rested you are fresh, alert, and ready to take on a new days challenges. When you are tired, problems always seem worse than they are and because you lack energy, it is almost impossible to catch up or stay on top of things you need to do. Go to bed and get up at the same time each day, even on weekends if possible, keep your bedroom dark, quiet, cool, and get some exercise early in the evening.
2. The second of ten tips for stress management is organization, by making a schedule and prioritizing, so you know exactly what meetings, projects, activities, and jobs you have to do and when. Being organized and managing your time wisely makes such a difference in peoples stress levels.
3. The third of ten tips for stress management is learning to take a break when you start feeling overwhelmed by the situation you are dealing with. Even ten minutes spent taking a brisk walk, putting your feet up, having a cup of coffee, eating something healthy, or listening to a relaxation tape will relieve stress, refresh you, and give you renewed energy.---
4. Procrastinating is something many people do, so the forth of ten tips for stress management is learning not to put things off. Spending time worrying about a deadline instead of working towards meeting it will just cause more stress. List the things you need to do by order of importance, deadline, and then start at the top of the list. Set yourself a goal of meeting or beating the deadlines, stay focused, and work towards this.
5. Laughter and a sense of humor can get you through very difficult times, relieve stress, and has healing qualities. At some point each day read the comics or something funny, watch a program that makes you laugh, or share jokes with friends or coworkers.
6. Live a healthy lifestyle is the sixth of ten tips for stress management. Exercise, eat healthy, balanced meals, and avoid using alcohol, food, or drugs to try to reduce stress.
7. Learn to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously.
8. Never dwell on past mistakes or things you cannot change nor have any control over.
9. Make a written list of your problems, which adds structure and focus.
10. The last of ten tips for stress management is taking a vacation without your cell phone or laptop. Even a short vacation such as a weekend getaway will relieve stress.

Always have realistic expectations and ambitions.