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Organization and Stress Management Games Make a Difference


Instead of reaching for a bottle of pills to relieve stress, stress management games are a wonderful way to help you deal with the pressures of daily stress in your life. Learning some stress management games is cost effective and often saves people trips to the pharmacy, self-help groups or doctor’s offices. It can be as easy as taking a bubble bath after a long day at the office, while laying back with your eyes closed and mentally making a list of all the positive things in your life. Take your mind off your problems for a while by telling family members you need an undisturbed hour daily to unwind, read, relax or even watch television.

There are several types of stress management games, exercises and activities depending upon a person’s preference. They help reduce stress quickly without worrying about getting to your doctors appointment on time, not having the money for more medications, or other traditional techniques. Relaxation exercises such as stress management games help relieve stress both at home and in the workforce by easing any high-pressure situations that often occur.

Many people suffer from stress related problems due to poor time management and organizational skills. They are constantly in a rush because they do not understand the importance of giving themselves enough time in the morning to relax before starting a typical workday. Anyone that wakes, jumps in the shower, looks for something to wear and heads out the door with their coffee in hand are already experiencing stress before they even arrive at the office. Stress management games that works include making a list of everything you need or would like to do before leaving your home in the morning. The list should include such things as taking a shower, putting on the clothes you laid out the night before and sitting down to a leisurely cup of coffee or juice before anyone else is up, so you have some quality time for yourself. Set your alarm half an hour earlier than usual and if this still is not enough time, adjust your alarm until you are able to get up and start your day at a leisurely pace.

Stress management games work well for parents that have to make lunches for their children. Instead of rushing in the morning, make the lunches the night before but have the children help you. Even young children can butter the bread or choose a fruit to take for a snack. This not only gives you a little more time in the morning but also allows you to spend more quality time with your children.

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