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Stress Management Stretching and Water Aerobics Relieve Stress


Stress management stretching is a great, fast, easy way to reduce the stress that most people deal with on a daily basis. Stretching is something that requires no special equipment, skills, or training and you can do while watching television, on your break or lunch hour at work, while traveling, or even tidying the house. Some of the many benefits of stress management stretching include; increasing flexibility; improving your blood circulation; relieving stress by relaxing tense joints and muscles; improving joint range of motion; and it minimizes pains and aches by promoting better posture. There is stress management stretching techniques that relieve stress, which you can do at your workstation without disrupting the office. If you have an injury such as a strained muscle or a chronic medical condition, always talk to your physical therapist or doctor before starting any stress management stretching exercises. Doing one to three five-minute stress management stretching exercise sessions daily helps keep you limber and reduces your stress level. Avoid holding your breath as you stretch by concentrating on both your breathing and the stretch itself. –

Although stress management stretching is excellent for reducing stress, other exercises and techniques that benefit people experiencing stress include aqua fit or water aerobics. Instead of stress management stretching, some people prefer joining a group that do aqua fit exercises in chest deep water. You can be a non-swimmer and still participate in aqua aerobics. The benefits of joining water aerobics classes at a local indoor swimming pool are many. Water aerobics reduces the risk of joint or muscle injury while the water gives your body support, improves overall strength and cardiovascular fitness, reduces or relieves stress, improves flexibility, and the water keeps your body cool and comfortable while you exercise. As you perform water aerobics, you become more relaxed and stress free from the water massaging your body. They often hold water aerobic classes at local community centers, sporting facilities, health clubs, and schools. The cost of joining a class varies but is usually very affordable and individuals of any gender and age can participate, although there are some classes held strictly for seniors, new mothers, etc. You require a swimsuit and some people also wear aqua shoes for traction, comfort, and to increase their stability. One of the few downsides to water aerobics is, if you do not have your own pool or access to one, the only time you do water aerobic exercises is when you take the class. Whether you choose stress management stretching or water aerobic classes, they both give you a sense of calm and relieve stress.

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