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Going Beyond Social Anxiety Medications


Social anxiety is a rather common mental illness that strikes millions of people, hampering their ability to get out and enjoy life. Some people with this disorder shun all social interactions, but others just find themselves unable to perform in certain situations. Whatever the case, coping with social anxiety is not generally an easy undertaking. Social anxiety medications are often used to help patients get over the initial hurdles of treatment, but they are not the only prong in most treatment plans.

Social Anxiety Medications

A number of medications used to treat both depression and anxiety are used for the management of social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety medications tend to come from the SSRI or MAOI class of antidepressants. These are considered very effective for helping people overcome some of the more troublesome symptoms of social anxiety disorder.

Even those SSRI and MAOI anti-depressants are effective social anxiety medications and can work well to help some patients regain confidence and control in public situations, they are quite often not the only form of therapy prescribed. In many cases, patients who are treated with a multi-pronged approach are better able to overcome or at least cope more effectively with symptoms.

Treatments Beyond Social Anxiety Medications

Different forms of therapy are also quite commonly urged to help give people with social anxiety disorder the tools they need to face life again. Several different forms of therapy are sometimes used in the treatment of social anxiety. In many cases, treatments will coincide with the use of social anxiety medications.

The types of therapy often suggested include:

• Cognitive therapy. This involves teaching patients to rework their own thought patterns to overcome negative influences. Rather than view certain situations as fear-inducing, they are given the tools to put aside irrational thoughts and focus on more positive outcomes. This form of therapy might also involve self-esteem building, assertiveness training and more.
• Behavioral therapy. This very often involves the practice of social skills and even desensitization of fears. In many cases, behavioral therapy involves group sessions, since it is social interactions that people with social anxiety fear.
• Other therapy. Some people find that self-help measures can also go a long way in helping them cope with symptoms and overcome to enjoy life. Some forms of therapy that can be beneficial here include self-hypnosis, visualization and meditation.

Dealing with social anxiety is no fun for patients and those around them. Since symptoms tend to become worse, if they are left untreated, many find themselves seeking help. Social anxiety medications can be very useful, especially when they are used as part of an overall treatment plan.

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