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Precautions About Discounted Anxiety Medications On Line


It might seem like a real boon to find discount anxiety medications on line. After all, they don't require a trip to the pharmacy, the prices are often cheaper and they are quick and easy to order. But, just how safe are they?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says buying discounted anxiety medications on line can present quite a mixed bag. While there are many sites that sell discounted anxiety medications on line that are quite reputable, some simply are not. Unfortunately, telling the difference isn't always easy. Consumers are urged to protect themselves when buying discounted anxiety medications on line.

Tips For Making Sure Prescriptions Are Safe
Discounted anxiety medications on line can come from very legitimate, reputable sources. Sometimes, however, the sites used are shady and the prescriptions they deliver are not what patients expected. To protect against fraud or even potentially dangerous medicine mix ups, consumers can:

• Make sure a site demands a valid prescription. This is a dead giveaway for a legitimate site versus an illegitimate one. Reputable pharmacies will require valid prescriptions before they will fill orders.
• Check for licensing. Online pharmacies run by known drug chains, such as Eckerd, CVS and Walgreens all have state licenses. Illegitimate web sites do not. Keep in mind though that many smaller pharmacies that are quite legitimate and do offer discounts operate online.
• Be wary of extremely low prices. In many cases, if discounted anxiety medications on line come at a fraction of the cost, there might be cause for concern.
• Check contact information. Most reputable online pharmacies make sure customers have a way to contact them by phone. If a site doesn't include an address or landline information, be wary.

What To Do When Prescriptions Arrive

While it is virtually impossible for patients to check the chemical composition of their mail-order prescriptions, there are a few extra precautions they can take to ensure quality. Since news agencies have shown that some online prescription sites send out placebos or even the entirely wrong prescription, it is important for consumers to do a few things when their medications arrive. These include:

• Check the appearance of the prescription. Make sure the pills inside the bottle match the appearance of what the drug is supposed to look like. If they do not, do not take them. This can even be an important step for walk-up pharmacies. Pharmacists are human and sometimes they do make mistakes. Patients should familiarize themselves with what their medications look like.
• Pay attention to reactions. If everything checks out visually, it is still smart when taking a prescription from an online pharmacy to pay attention to reaction. If a drug doesn't seem to be working like it should, there could be cause for concern.

Discounted anxiety medications on line are available and most come from legitimate companies. Sadly, not every business on the Internet is reputable. Patients can protect themselves from fraud by taking a few extra steps to ensure their medications come from a reputable outlet.

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