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Stress Medications Are Only One Means Of Coping


Most people live with some form of stress or another on a daily basis. In many cases, mild stress is considered quite normal and even beneficial. When stress is sudden, acute or completely overwhelming, a person's ability to cope is generally compromised. This is when many doctors prescribe stress medications, such as sedatives or antidepressants.

Although stress medications are quite often prescribed in extreme situations, such as following a death or a violent crime, they are not typically advised for long-term use. Patients who require stress medications to cope are often advised to seek out other forms of therapy to give them the tools they need to overcome.

Dealing with acute stress with the use of stress medications can help give a person time to regroup and come up with viable coping mechanisms. In the case of acute stress, which is common following tragedy, therapy is often suggested to help the person cope and learn mechanism for better stress management.

Stress Medications For Daily Issues

While stress medications are not abnormal for use in extreme situations, most doctors will not prescribe them for dealing with daily, normal stressors. Instead of stress medications, most professionals suggest patients find other options for coping, overcoming and even managing stress. Some of the most common suggestions for dealing with "routine" stress such as that related to work or family life include:

• Therapy. In some cases, behavioral or psychotherapy is advised to help people work through the issues that plague them. This can be very beneficial for learning techniques to cope and manage.
• Self-help. Many people who deal with stress on a constant basis find that meditation, deep breathing, visualization and even yoga can be incredibly useful for reducing the impacts stress has on them.
• Exercise. This is considered one of the best alternatives to stress medications for daily issues. Exercise releases tension and can improve overall health and outlook.
• Time management, organization. One of the biggest stressors in daily life centers around a lack of time management and organization. Some people find they are better able to cope with incoming stressors when they learn to prioritize and streamline and/or remove the little stress points that bother them.
• Hobbies. When people do something they enjoy, tension tends to be released. Whether this is gardening, horseback riding or watching fish in a tank, keeping up with an enjoyable hobby is a great, all-natural way to combat stress without stress medications.

Stress medications are very helpful for helping people deal with unbearable amounts of stress. They are not, however, advised for long-term use or for coping with daily stressors. People who want to overcome these issues will find they have many options at their disposal that are safer and even more effective than stress medications for daily use.