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´╗┐Free Mental Health Services in California


The call for free mental health services has long been around and while there are some states that do offer a minimal amount of free mental health services to their constituents, some people argue that what they offer is not enough. This kind of a problem has been addressed by the state of California with an act or a proposition they passed called the California Mental Health Services Act. Also known as Proposition 63, this act aims to provide quality mental health services to members of the community who cannot afford it.

This free mental health services act that California has imposed takes their funding from taxes that are placed on people who are some of the most affluent in the state. This means that an additional amount to be paid to the state is placed on the taxes of individuals who earn more that everyone else. This amount is actually placed at one percent for those individuals who have taxable incomes that are above the one million dollar mark. The amount that is then gathered from this additional taxation scheme is then used for a number of free mental health services being administered at the county level.

The free mental health services that the state wants to provide the people include a few key elements that aim at building what they see as a system that promotes better mental health in the community and services that provide this. Among the points that this movement stresses are the improvement of policies and programs that cover the education and training of mental health services personnel, infrastructure or buildings for the services they will provide, research and development, the prevention and early cure of such mental problems within the community and the implementation of these services as well.

The donations that will be distributed to the counties of the state will cover the needs of these counties in terms of helping with the diagnosis and cure of afflicted people from their mental woes. These services are aimed at helping any and all who are in need of the services that the program offers, which can be children as well as adults and older individuals.

This kind of a program should be copied by all the states of the US to help deal with the ever increasing problem of mental illnesses. Since ill mental health is not only found in the state of California, the need to have other states do the same thing as well is of utmost importance. This does not mean, however, that other states are jumping on the free mental health services bandwagon although there is a call for them to do so by their own constituents.

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