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´╗┐Illinois Complaints on Mental Health System Policies for the Aged


There have been problems in the State of Illinois regarding the mental health system that seems to place the aged members of the populace in the same mental health system bracket as those who are infinitely younger. Some of the Illinois complaints on mental health system policies state that people who are older actually suffer from different disorders as compared to those adults who are a few decades younger. As such, these Illinois complaints on mental health system policies that some advocates have brought forward are being seriously considered. The advocates strive to enact reforms to the system to offer the older patients of mental health problems the kind of services befitting their age and their afflictions.

In a conference held in 2005 focusing on the solutions to these Illinois complaints on mental health system policies that cover the aged or the aging, it was argued that some reports that were published publicly weren't entirely true. These reports from a certain government medical authority stated that the aging and the younger adults of the nation are prone to suffering from exactly the same kind of mental health problems and that care for such mental problems can be the same for both age brackets. The argument brought forward by the people contesting this statement was how these mental health issues occur and how often are these actually different for certain age brackets. This meant that treatments for these mental disorders should also be varied according to the age of those who are affected.

These Illinois complaints on mental health system policies also pointed out that there was a huge need for reform in the way the aged and the aging were getting their mental health treatments. Since there are other factors that help compound these mental health problems in association with aging, these changes in the treatments that older people should get from the agencies and professionals that help them were being pushed to the forefront.

Some of the Illinois complaints on mental health system policies included complaints on the kind of treatment senior citizens got from the agencies that were supposed to handle their health cases. There were also references to the problem of service personnel attitudes towards these older people and the lack of understanding that they had for the people asking for their help. These complaints were addressed in ways that can benefit both the patients and the professionals handling these patients. Reforms were suggested and a list of the changes that were needed was brought forward as solutions to such problems regarding the numerous Illinois complaints on mental health system policies.

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