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´╗┐Mental Health Organization: What They Are Fighting For


Probably the most prominent and most well known mental health organization in the world is the National Institute of Mental Health or NIMH. This mental health organization is an agency that works under the umbrella of the United States government and is an organization that is generally trying to be the watchdog of the mental health of the people in the US. The NIMH was established way back in 1949 and continues to try and find ways to help people who are suffering from the different mental afflictions that are known to man.

While the mental health organization that is called the NIMH or the National Institute of Mental Health is one of the biggest and most well know of its kind around, there are quite a few lesser known others who also have similar goals in mind. There are mental health organizations that may focus on a single type of mental problem and there are those that focus on a few similar kinds of mental disabilities. There are also mental health organizations that bring together doctors of the same specialization to help give them the kind of support that they need for the betterment of their patients.

One such mental health organization that brings together doctors that specialize in a certain field of mental health is the AAGP or the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry. This mental health organization aims at bringing together the mental health professionals that focus on the mental health problems that older people have or develop. This mental health organization takes care of their patients with the help that each of the members give one another.

Another mental health organization that serves to help people with a specific mental health problem is the Depression Research Association that deals with the problems associated with depression, panic attacks as well as anxiety problems. This group aims to build awareness as well as find ways to prevent and cure the problems that come with the different kinds of depression.

There are a lot of different mental health organizations all over the world that help promote the importance of mental wellbeing as well as create a support group for all parties involved, be it the doctors who help the patients, the patients who need the help or the people who are related to them. With the help that these mental health organizations give and the support that they provide, more and more people are beginning to understand what good mental health is all about and why it is important that mental health and physical health go together hand in hand.

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