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When certain people start displaying questionable behavior, they may need to undergo mental health assessment to help ascertain that they are not suffering from any mental health problems. While people in the past used to think that if you undergo mental health assessment you are insane or you are going crazy, these days, it is considered simply a part of trying to keep oneself truly healthy. Health these days is no longer considered to cover simply the condition a person's body is in but also encompasses the state of health a person's mind is in.

When a person is being considered for a mental health assessment, it is usually because he or she seems to be displaying behavior that is straying away from what is conceived as the norm or if he or she exhibits behavior which is not previously part of his or her personality. When a mental health assessment is called for, it is usually to help the person get cured not to stigmatize him or her. It is definitely not to cause the person to become alienated from the populace. The usual mental health problems that are commonly diagnosed in people who are undergoing mental health assessment often include anxiety, depression, eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia nervosa and Alzheimer's.

Reasons why a mental health assessment is often called for is due to the possibility of the deterioration of a person's performance in school or at work and the threat this person's mental problem may have on his or her life. Understanding the reasons why a person may need to get evaluated as well as why a person needs to get help can actually help those around him or her sympathize with the situation enough to help him or her out. It is important not to ostracize or exclude the person from normal day to day interaction or activities during the treatment.

When a person is diagnosed with a mental health problem after a mental health assessment, the next step will be to get him or her some help that will restore his or her life and restore his or her mental state to a normal, healthy state. This usually involves therapy that may include the help of family members and close friends as well as the assistance of a mental health professional or doctor.

Another possible step that is taken when people are found to be suffering from a mental health problem is to have them take some medication that will help them return to their normal mental state in time. This is usually used in conjunction with therapy and can indeed help the person return to the normal life he or she had before the mental problems started.