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´╗┐Promoting the Importance of Funding for Mental Health Care in America


There was a time in the past when people who wanted to seek mental health care were afraid of being called insane or crazy. Those days are thankfully over since people now realize that mental health care is just as important to their wellbeing as physical health care is. People nowadays accept the fact that everyday life and its fast pace can indeed create pressure situations where the mind can feel the pressure. As a result, the need to take care of what is bothering the mind has created the need for mental health care.

These days, people visit psychiatrists at the drop of a hat since they now realize that mental health care is readily available to them when they need it. Unfortunately, while mental health care can be found almost everywhere in the US, the money needed to pay for such an important need is not as easily found. This is where the problems begin. While a person may acknowledge the fact that he or she may require the service of a mental health care professional, he or she may not be able to do so due to the lack of ample resources or funds to do so.

There are a few insurance companies and health care policy providers that do cover part of a person's mental health care needs but some people say that it is not enough. Therefore, the much needed mental health care a person gets can be rather minimal as well. Funding from the government is just minimal and this basically implies that there is a huge need for legislation that covers this issue. While Medicare does cover some of the mental health care needs of those who require it, there are arguments that the coverage and help that Medicare offers is not enough. The people who need professional mental health care services sometimes have to pay for part of the costs that these services incur so these people sometimes forgo getting help due to the costs that they might have to shoulder.

The need for a more patient friendly system that offers people the kind of mental health care that does not involve their having to shell out the kind of money that they may not have is something that should be thoroughly examined. While there is an act that covers such a problem, the Mental Health Parity Act of 1996, there are loopholes in the act that need to be reexamined and modified to make it work not for just a select few but for all people concerned.