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´╗┐The Importance of Mental Health to Physical Health


Some people do not know that there is a link that ties mental health together with physical health. These links have been the focus of thorough research for many years and shows that the connection between mental health and physical health is indeed there. It has been noted in numerous studies that what affects the mind can translate to an effect in the body. This can also happen the other way around with ill physical health taking its toll on mental health.

A good example of how mental health can affect a person physically is the effects that stress can have on a person's body. Stress has been known to create numerous adverse physical health effects on those who suffer from excessive amounts of it. Too much stress can leave a person with such physical health problems like high blood pressure, ulcers, headaches, weight problems and a whole lot more. These effects can escalate into life threatening diseases like heart problems and such. This clearly shows that mental health and taking good care of it can help reduce the risk of a person getting ill or suffering from such physical conditions.

An example of how physical health can also affect a person's mental health is when a person finds out that he or she has a serious illness like cancer or is infected with HIV. These can cause a person to lapse into certain negative thoughts that can progress into anxiety problems and depression. There was a study that proved that mental health does have a bearing on physical health. It was found out through a study of some people who were suffering from cancer and who were able to ease their fears through talks and group therapy that they often lived longer than those people who kept these fears and thoughts on their illness to themselves. This shows that, if the stress that the knowledge of the illness brings to a person is slowly eased or if a person who is diagnosed with a serious physical health problem has a way to help ease the mental stress that comes with such knowledge, the person helps alleviate the other effects as well.

Taking care of mental health along with physical health and vice versa can actually help a person live a healthy life in both senses of the word. A healthy mind free of too much worry and stress can often show in the person's body and a healthy body can translate into a person being able to think clearly and have no cause to worry.