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Along with living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of their physical health, mental health is crucial to people’s welfare, overall health, and living a productive, balanced life. There are times when a person has to seek help because they cannot deal with their emotional or mental problems alone so they often turn to a psychologist. Psychology is the study and understanding of behavior and the mind and covers all facets of human experience including child development and mental health care for the aged. Although a psychologist traditionally treats people with emotional and mental problems, some enter into research as scientists, trying to learn more about human behavior, relationships, and behaviors that affect people’s mental functions and emotional health. A psychologist uses analysis, experimentation and careful observation to help them develop and test theories they have discovered on human behavior.

A psychologist treats patients with emotional and mental problems and study both abnormal and normal mental functions. They study behaviors that affect people’s emotional and mental health. When there is a major disaster such as shootings at a school, bombing, or a plane crash, a psychologist helps bystanders, victims, and the victim’s family and friends recover or deal with the shock and trauma the event caused. Psychologists team with public health officials, law enforcement, and other agencies to examine causes and ways to prevent future disasters. They collaborate on school reform with educators, give lawyers or the court their advice on jury selection, or work with performers, business executives and athletes to improve their performance and reduce anxiety and stress.

The job outlook for a psychologist remains extremely positive and continues to expand in scope and number. In today’s society, rather than just examining, diagnosing and treating problems, doctors and psychologists work towards preventing illness and mental health problems by teaching people about the benefits of making healthy behavior choices as part of their daily routines. A psychologist applies scientific principals, collects and analysis data, and uses intervention strategies to help people with behavior problems such as drug and alcohol addiction, violence in the home, poor personal relationships, and obsessive-compulsive behavior.

A psychologist can practice in a large range of settings including laboratories, mental health centers, prisons, courtrooms, hospitals, corporate offices, universities, scientific research centers, schools, and in private practice. A psychologist often works independently or becomes a team member working with other professionals such as physicians, policymakers, scientists, engineers, school personnel, managers, and computer experts. Psychologists enjoy the field they work in for reasons such as their flexible schedules, the variety of work, the many challenges they face daily, and helping improve peoples lives.