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Information on Group Psychotherapy


Group psychotherapy, unlike individual therapy, has one or more therapists that treat a number of people at the same time as a group. This is often more productive and usually more cost effective than one-on-one psychotherapy. Along with ‘talk’ therapy, group psychotherapy may include psychodrama, expressive therapy, and other therapeutic forms. The interactions experienced in a group psychotherapy session, between the therapists and group members, becomes the therapy material, along with outside and past experiences. Group psychotherapy encourages personal development and often focuses on solving relationship problems, emotional difficulties and interpersonal interactions.

Some of the numerous benefits of group psychotherapy include working through problems and personal issues in a confidential, supportive environment, while helping other group members work through their personal problems. It provides group members with an opportunity to reflect on and observe each other’s social skills receive and give immediate feedback about problems, issues, and concerns affecting group member’s lives. Group psychotherapy deals with a variety of difficulties and emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and helps group members develop better interpersonal skills. There are specific therapy support groups, such as groups for sexually abused women and bereaved parents, but psychotherapists usually recommend diversified groups, which represent a wide range of emotional problems. Group participants benefit in many areas such as sexual relations, working, self-esteem, trust, intimacy, and social areas and helps participants to get feedback, identify, and change the patterns undermining the relations.

In the group psychotherapy field, there are a variety of groups and techniques used such as psycho dramatic, expressive, and verbal with approaches that vary from behavioral to psychoanalytic, encounter, or gestalt groups. These groups vary from psycho-educational that is similar to a class to classic psychotherapy groups, which emphasize process. Look for an ethical, reliable, reputable, well-trained professional when selecting a group psychotherapist that belong to professional associations and find out about their degree of expertise.

Group psychotherapy participants must be present for each session and arrive on time. Some groups require a specific length of time commitment which is usually anywhere from three to six months. Participants do not have to reveal intimate issues or even talk if they choose not to in therapy but the more a person participates, discusses their thoughts and feelings, and discuss their problems and issues, the more the participant gains from group therapy. Most groups have anywhere from six to twelve members, can last anywhere from one and a half hours to three or more, and can be from a three months to a few years in length. Marathon groups and workshops often last even longer.

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