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The stress relief ball is an apparatus that is very effective for stress relief. It is a simple ball that measures 3 inches in diameter and it works wonders to help you reduce stress. All you have to do to benefit from a stress relief ball is hold it in the palm and squeeze it repeatedly with your fingers.

You will find that the repeated squeezing of the stress relief ball gives you a feeling of relief from all the emotional and physical stress that you may be going through. In addition to stress relief, this ball is also used for exercising hand and forearm muscles.

The stress relief ball may not always be shaped like a ball as it can sometimes be found in other interesting shapes. It is usually filled with foam rubber, but the ones that are meant for therapeutic use contains gel of different densities. Another type of stress relief ball contains fine powder that has a rubber coating like a balloon.

Now, you may wonder how the stress relief ball actually helps in relieving stress. You generally experience muscle tension when your hand is turned into a fist, even if there is nothing in the palm. Once you release the grip, muscle tension is also released. It is this gripping and releasing that exercises your muscles and helps you reduce stress.

The reason you use a ball is that it is provides something for you to grip. This gives a better meaning and effect to the stress relieving exercises. In fact, stress relief balls are mostly used by computer professionals who often spend long hours working in a fixed position.

Other than spherical stress relief balls, there are also creative balls that look like a pack of cigarettes, the shape of a body part or a person disliked by the society. The pack of cigarettes is a great option for those who are trying to quit smoking. There are also imprinted stress balls that have smiley faces printed on them.

The foam filled stress balls are found in simple shapes like sphere, starfish, vegetables, pills, etc. The stress relief ball that is more dynamic in shape like the human face balls or Santa Claus balls are usually filled with gel. Imprinted stress balls usually carry corporate logos and are distributed among employees or clients.

There are also high-tech stress relief balls like vibrating stress balls and viral stress balls. The viral stress relief ball is soft and it has an embedded transmitter and receiving chip in it that communicates the level of stress the user is going through.