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Different Types of Stress Relief Techniques


Stress is something that many people go through in their everyday lives. Some people suffer from work stress, while other people suffer from financial and marital stress. However, there are many stress relief techniques that can be applied to reduce tension both physically and mentally.

Here are three stress relief techniques that are popularly used to reduce stress:

1. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a simple but effective way of relaxation that follows the ‘take ten deep breaths’ approach for reducing tension. It can be done through yoga relaxation and Zen meditation.

All you have to do is to take a few deep breaths. With each breath, try to relax your body. As you breathe deeper, you will naturally feel more relaxed. Deep breathing is the most basic of all the stress relief techniques, but it can be very effective if it is done right.

2. Progressive Muscular Relaxation

This is one of the most effective stress relief techniques for reducing body tension. It is usually used to relax the body when the muscles are tense. There is nothing much that has to be done. Just apply tension to a group of muscles, so that they are as contracted as possible. You have to hold your muscles in this state for a few seconds, and then release them. After that, try to relax the muscles even more, so that you will feel as relaxed as possible.

The principle behind this stress relief technique is that you will actually feel more relaxed after you tense and release your muscles; more so than if you relax them from their original state. You can practice this technique by forming a fist. Clench your hand as tightly as you can for a few seconds. Relax your hand, and then consciously relax it further so that it is as loose as it can be. By doing this, you will experience a deep sense of relaxation in your hand.

3. Meditation

Meditation is rather simple, and it can be done on your own. First, you have to sit quietly and comfortably with your eyes closed. Then start relaxing the muscles of your feet and work up to the other muscles of your body. You have to focus on your breathing while doing this. Try to breathe in deeply, and then let your breath out slowly.

Count your breaths as you let them out. This will give your mind something to do, so that you won’t get distracted during your practice. Repeat this for ten to twenty minutes. You can also try using relaxation imagery instead of counting breaths for better results.

Of all the stress relief techniques, meditation is the most effective in helping you reduce mental tension. As you practice more, you will have a different perception of things around you, and you will become a more optimistic person.

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