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Social anxiety is a disorder that affects thousands of individuals each year. It may not seem like a serious problem to those that don't have the problem, but it's a serious concern for those that do. Some people suffer from social anxiety and aren't aware of it, feeling that they're just shy and timid, unaware that social anxiety support is available.

Social anxiety is a disorder where people are afraid to be in public where they feel others are looking at them and disapproving or criticizing. Many people have difficulty speaking around others and suffer very real symptoms such as blushing, stammering, sweating, palpitations and shaking. Social anxiety often begins as a child. They are very shy as young children and without treatment or support, the problem gets worse as they get older. Adults that suffer from social anxiety often have a difficult time getting through their day-to-day routines. Social anxiety can affect a individual's personal relationships, their education and their employment. Many people that have social anxiety are so used to having this problem that they aren't aware that there is treatment and social anxiety support for them.

There are many qualified therapists and psychologists trained to deal with problems of social anxiety. One type of social anxiety support for social anxiety is a treatment plan consisting of cognitive-behavior therapy. Cognitive deals with the our brain and the thoughts we have. The purpose of cognitive-behavior therapy for social anxiety is to work with the thoughts that bring on anxiety and to change the behavior into positive thinking. In addition to the therapy, counseling is very helpful for sufferers of social anxiety. Some people are lucky enough to be outgoing, friendly and comfortable at all times. These people find it difficult to understand that social anxiety is much more than just shyness. Social anxiety is a serious disorder needs help in the form of treatment and social anxiety support. It is not a problem that will disappear on its own.

Social anxiety support can be quite helpful and the success rate is very high. Therapists and psychologists offer counseling on a one on one basis as often as they feel they need to see you. They work with the patient providing role-play as a means to help the patient see ways to avoid social anxiety. Another helpful method is a social anxiety support group where individuals suffering from social anxiety get together and discuss their lives and what types of situations bring on their anxiety as well as how they'd dealt with them. There is also social anxiety support in the form of hotlines where and individual can call a telephone number when they feel anxiety approaching. The person at the other end of the line will attempt to "walk them through" their problem. Most large cities offer both of these types of support groups for social anxiety. You may find these by looking in your yellow pages.

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