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Dealing With Stress Without Medications


Some people think the only effective way to deal with stress and a build up of tension is to turn to a prescription medication. While medications can be effective for those who are dealing with stress, there are other options out there. Some of the best require no medical intervention at all.

Dealing With Stress Head On

Stress is something that impacts every single man, woman and child on a daily basis. Sometimes it's a perfectly normal and even healthy reaction. If it builds or becomes chronic, however, stress can cause mental and physical health problems. Dealing with stress by reducing or removing its causes and handling its impacts can be very important for just about everyone. Some of the best ways people can do this on their own include:

• Getting some "me" time. Taking time out for oneself is a great way to go about dealing with stress. Doing something that is fun, relaxing and deeply enjoyable brings life back into focus. It doesn't really matter what the activity is, as long as it works on a personal level, it can help reduce tension.
• Meditation. Many people find they are better able to deal with stress when they unplug their minds for a big and refocus on what really needs to be done. Meditation, breathing exercises and even visualization are all excellent self-help techniques for dealing with stress.
• Exercise. This is one of the top self-help methods for dealing with stress. It relieves tension in the body, focuses the mind and can even improve health along the way.

Dealing With Stress And Getting Some Help

While self-help techniques can go a long way, sometimes people require a little assistance. Whether it comes from friends, family, co-workers or medical professionals, enlisting support is often very wise if stress has gotten to be too much. Here's how they can help:

• At work. If projects are piled up, ask for help, delegate or politely decline any new ones until the pile has been tackled. Speak to supervisors, if necessary, or get co-workers to pitch in.
• At home. The stress of keeping up with work, a family and a home can get to anyone. Get family more involved in helping out.
• Professional intervention. Sometimes it simply is smart to enlist professional help in dealing with stress. Therapists can prescribe medications, if they are called for, and can help people work through their issues and develop strategies for tackling them.

Dealing with stress is a fact of life. If it gets to be too much, however, looking for ways to combat its effects is always called for. From self-help techniques to enlisting support, there are ways to lessen its impacts and even remove some of it from daily life.