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Stress Reduction Tips That Work


Avoiding stress is not always possible. It is simply a byproduct of daily living. Although it is expected, there are things people can do to lessen its effects and even remove a bit of it from their daily routing. Since piled up stress can change moods, create health conditions and even transform a positive attitude into a very negative one, finding stress reduction techniques that work is important for just about everyone.

There are a variety of stress reduction tips that come from medical sources, stress sufferers themselves and even some that are derived from good, old common sense. Some of the easiest stress reduction tips to try include:

• Manage time better. This isn't as difficult as it sounds. Just make a to do list for a day, week or month. Pick the real priorities and put the rest on the "maybe do" list instead. If there are too many to dos and not enough time, seek out help, delegate or simply say no to any other incoming tasks that can be set aside.
• Organize clutter. When a home or office is a in a state of disarray, a person's mind likely is to. Tackle clutter one room or one corner at a time. The more organized environment will ease pressure on the mind and the accomplishment can be a stress reduction outlet in itself.
• Laugh. When it comes to fun and easy stress reduction measures that work, this one is hard to top. Pick up a funny movie, watch a TV show, read the comics or just play with the kids. A good belly laugh removes tension and it can even improve physical health along with it.
• Focus on what matters. One person cannot possibly do everything or control everything. Focusing in on what is important and learning to let go of what isn't can work wonders for stress reduction.
• Reframe thoughts. Instead of always seeing the negative, pay attention to the positive. If something goes wrong and creates tension, remember an experience that causes a chuckle, is a source of pride or is a positive influence in life.
• Take time to relax. This might be one of the hardest stress reduction techniques for over-worked and over-stressed people to employ, but it is an excellent one. Even if it's 10 minutes in bed at the end of the day with a good book, doing something enjoyable can lessen tension and reduce stress.
• Exercise. Working out frustrations, aggressions and tension through exercise is good for the body and the mind.

Stress reduction is not rocket science. Even if the stressors cannot be removed, there are things people can do to help lessen their impacts. Humans cannot control or change everything. Focus on what matters, let go of what doesn't and accept things that cannot be changed and stress will not stand a chance.