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´╗┐What Is Stress Is Defined Very Personally


Stress is a word that is tossed around on a daily basis. People find themselves stressed out, stressed to perform, under too much stress and even too stressed to think. But, what is stress exactly?

That is an interesting question that really doesn't have a single, pat answer. The dictionary defines stress as a constraining force or pressure. The American Institute of Stress says that no single explanation fits this word. What is stress, it seems is defined very personally. The things that answer the question what is stress for one person might not fit the bill for another. Despite some disparities, however, there are a number of common stressors that many people face.

Stress At Work

Many people find they define what is stress in a single word. That word? Work! Stress at work is very common, even in people who enjoy and love their jobs. There is almost always a pressure to perform, a desire to excel, deadlines to meet, customers to please and bosses to avoid. Whether stress at work actually answers what is stress for a person or not depends on how they react to the pressures on a daily basis. Some people are able to take work stress in stride, deal with it and leave it in the office. Others carry the baggage around with them everywhere they go. In the process, work stress takes its toll on their lives, minds and body.

Stress At Home

Whether this comes in the form of trying to keep up with bills, family members or just cleaning a house, many people find their answer to what is stress centers around home life. Bad relationships, strained financial situations, work schedules that only begin when the front door is opened at the end of a long day - these can all cause a great deal of stress at home. Again, the implications depend a lot on how individuals react to the individual stressors at home. Some people take them in stride and even enjoy a little pressure. Others find the burdens of relationships, financial misfortunes and housekeeping are too much to handle.

Other Stresses

Not all work comes from work and home life. There are plenty of other sources of stress in the world. Depending on how a person reacts to them, these things can all cause negative stress in a life: world politics, crime, traffic, crowds, natural disasters and more.

What is stress is a very unusual question. What stresses some people simply seems like enjoyment to others. The only real universal truth in the stress equation involves the need to combat it at its source. When stress piles up and continues over the long haul, a person can suffer physically, mentally and even spiritually.

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