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´╗┐How Stress Signs Stopped Dreaming of Beautiful Dreams


Is there a connection between dreams and stress? Is it possible that stress signs stopped dreaming of beautiful dreams for sufferers? Studies show that there is indeed a connection between stress and the dreams a person dreams when stressed out. Whether bad dreams create stress or stress signs stopped dreaming of lovely dreams, the connection is indeed there.

Since dreams are connected with a person's subconscious, it is then entirely possible that these dreams are the subconscious mind's way of telling a person what is going on. There are people who do not readily admit that they are stressed and the mind reacts to such a denial by making them dream of the things that may be bothering them.

This was proven in a test that was conducted by students to prove that stress signs stopped dreaming of beautiful dreams for the test subjects. When the experiment was started, some students were given information that they will be having a difficult test a few days later. Another group was not given such information. The results of the experiment showed that those students who were to be given a difficult exam were stressed out by the impending test. This stress then translated to their dreaming of the difficult exam and the possibility of failing, thereby giving them a few nights of restless sleep. The other group did not suffer the same thing. This basically shows that stress signs stopped dreaming students from dreaming of positive things but rather had their dreams replaced by the worrisome exam.

This experiment may seem a bit inconclusive since there may be other factors that may have come into play during such an experiment. While the students may have been stressed out about other things and the problematic exam just compounded the situation, it still shows that stress signs stopped dreaming students in the experiment from enjoying positive dreams due to the added stress factor.

There are also findings that stress can cause nightmares. People who are stressed out are often prone to incorporating the source of their stress in dreams. While there are people who dream to cope with the stress of life, there are also people who dream of the stress, resulting in frightening nightmares. The connection between nightmares and stress has always been a fascinating subject for a lot of researchers. While there is no real concrete evidence to support the fact that stress signs stopped dreaming of beautiful dreams among those who suffer from stress, the possibility that they do is still seen in these studies that were conducted.

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