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´╗┐How Anxiety symptoms are connected to Anxiety Disorders


Anxiety is a problem that a lot of people have but a lot of people may not even actually know that they have it. Anxiety is basically a feeling of uneasiness, agitation or restlessness. While anxiety in itself is a common enough emotion to feel every now and then when we have reason to be worried or uneasy, anxiety disorders are something else. Anxiety disorders are irrational feelings of uneasiness and these disorders come in a few variations. Anxiety symptoms are just one of the manifestations that come with these disorders and while they may be bothersome at times, they are considered relatively harmless.

Anxiety symptoms are actually results of anxiety disorders and these anxiety symptoms can only be treated if the anxiety disorder it comes with is treated as well. The usual sources of these anxiety disorders that often result in the surfacing of anxiety symptoms are small groups of neurons in the brain called the amygdala. These neurons may sometimes trigger an anxiety reaction, thereby resulting in the person having any of the known anxiety disorders or anxiety symptoms.

One reason for the emergence of these anxiety symptoms is the abnormal increase of adrenaline that is in the person's blood. The succeeding anxiety ridden reaction to this increase can be disturbing and rather tiring. Sometimes, the reasons for such anxiety symptoms may be hard to put a finger on and there are also times when the anxiety that a person feels stems from a certain traumatic situation he or she is currently going through. There are a number of reasons that can be blamed for a person's anxiety symptoms and if a person is not able to cope with these pretty draining emotions of fear, dread and even panic, professional help should be sought.

How people deal with these anxiety symptoms vary from one person to another since people have different thresholds for being able to deal with anxiety. While there are people who can easily rationalize why they are having an anxiety attack, there are some people who sometimes need a helping hand in dealing with these rather uncomfortable psychological manifestations. Some of the medications that may help people with these anxiety symptoms include the use of anti-depressants, depending on how debilitating the anxiety symptoms the person may be feeling or the kind of anxiety disorder they may be suffering from. Some people are also asked to see a therapist about their anxiety problems to help them get to the root of what is really causing the anxiety symptoms they are feeling.