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Anxiety Stress Symptoms: Your Basic Guide


People live with stress from day to day and they experience anxiety every now and then. These two are normal parts of everyday lives but, when these two come together, you may need to find some aid in dealing with it. Anxiety stress symptoms can point to a bigger problem than simply stress or plain anxiety.

Oftentimes, people who are in high pressure jobs and in problematic relationship or family situations are the ones who find themselves suffering from these anxiety stress symptoms. The problems get compounded by these feelings of anxiety and the stress levels go up along with it. Since stress is often caused by feelings of frustration or anger, it is also possible that too much stress can result in anxiety. Anxiety stress symptoms sometimes take on a physical form because of the psychological anguish that a person is going through. The physical anxiety stress symptoms a person may experience can include stomach cramps or other forms of abdominal pain, headaches, dry mouth, constant or excessive sweating and even some trembling or twitching.

Aside from physical manifestations, a person may also exhibit anxiety stress symptoms that are linked to the psyche like hotheadedness or irritability, lack of concentration or an inability to focus, insomnia and even a loss in sexual appetite. Other possible anxiety stress symptoms may also include a constant need to urinate, bowel problems like constipation or diarrhea and an irregular heart rate. These symptoms can easily point to anxiety stress problems and solutions to such a problem can be prescribed with proper diagnosis.

There is also a possibility that these anxiety stress symptoms may stem from a recent bout with substance abuse or even be the result of a poor lifestyle choice. Anxiety stress symptoms can be the result of a person's withdrawal from substance abuse. It can also be a side effect of the intake of illegal drugs. Some of the more commonly known drugs that are said to cause these anxiety stress symptoms in users include amphethamines, cocaine and anti depressants. Some anxiety stress symptoms are even said to appear with the use of common medications for colds, asthma and even with diet pills.

Dealing with the effects of these anxiety stress symptoms is often done with the help of professionals who know what is needed to ease such a problem from sufferers, however, in some cases, a lifestyle check and a change in certain habits and diets can also ease the problems brought about by anxiety and stress combined. It is important to get help as soon as the anxiety stress symptoms appear, or it may never be treated.

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