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Anxiety Symptoms Relief Disorder: When Cures Are Not Working


People who suffer from anxiety disorders often seek help from a lot of different sources to free themselves from the clutches of the sometimes debilitating effects of anxiety. While there are cures that may help ease the suffering of people who have these anxiety problems, there are those who may suffer more from the treatments that they get. Let's call this the “anxiety symptoms relief disorder”. While this phrase may prove to be confusing, in fact, since there is no such scientific phrase that is called the “anxiety symptoms relief disorder”, it can actually sum up the result of a failed attempt to cure a person of anxiety.

While the cause for the failure of people to get the kind of cure they want for their anxiety problems cannot exactly be called a disorder, the term “anxiety symptoms relief disorder” can be used to describe the mindset that some people may have when they are incurable. People who are being forced to face some sort of cure or therapy by family members when they are still in a state when they believe that nobody can help them or when they think that they cannot be cured may be prone to this “anxiety symptoms relief disorder”. This can be a psychological problem that the person is facing and may need to be taken care of first before the anxiety and the other problems that come with it can be addressed.

While the phrase “anxiety symptoms relief disorder” may not exactly be a true medical phrase, it can be used to define the people who are suffering from anxiety yet may not readily accept diagnosis and the subsequent cures that they are being offered. This can be a pretty sticky situation since anxiety can cause a person to sink into depression which can then lead to thoughts of suicide. People who are suffering from anxiety need a lot of support from family and friends to make them realize that they are not alone and the problems that they are in can be solved, if they only let the people trying to help them do so.

While such a disorder as “anxiety symptoms relief disorder” does not really exist in any medical book, there are people who do suffer from it since there are people who do not respond positively to the treatments available to them when it comes to dealing with anxiety disorders. The coining of this phrase is to make people realize that there are people who suffer from anxiety who also suffer from a negativity deep within themselves that basically hinders the possibility of curing their anxiety problems.

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