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Heat stress symptoms: How It Can Affect You


When you talk about heat stress, you are basically talking about the effects of excessive heat that can upset a person’s body, most specifically a person who is not used to the heat that is experienced in the place he or she is in. Heat stress symptoms tend to appear in people who are not used to the climates of certain places they are sent to or in enclosed working areas that may produce high heat after some time.

Heat stress symptoms can also result when people are exposed to heating elements like stoves and burners for an extended length of time or in people who suddenly experience a sudden rise in temperature in the place they reside in, like what may happen in a heat wave.

Some of the heat stress symptoms to look out for include fainting or heat syncope, heat cramps, heat stroke and heat rash. These heat stress symptoms occur when the person affected cannot cope with the presence of high heat.

Heat syncope or fainting due to heat is a result of the failure of the blood returning to the heart due to its pooling in the afflicted person's extremities. A person who is hit by this most common of heat stress symptoms usually recuperates quickly if he or she lies down while fresh cool water is poured on the head for a few minutes. Heat cramps are often the result of the loss of electrolytes in the person's body. This happens when a person drinks a lot of water after sweating a lot but does not get to replenish the salts that the body lost in sweating. Heat rash is a mild skin irritation that occurs due to the sweat that is produced in the heated area. This is also called prickly heat and can be remedied by regular bathing and cooling oneself in a cooler area every now and then. In some countries, there is powder which is specially made to treat this heat stress problem, aptly called prickly heat powder.

The most dangerous off all these heat stress symptoms is the heat stroke which can prove to be fatal if the person that gets hit by it is not treated as soon as possible. Heat stroke is brought about by a rise in the body's core temperature. Heat stroke can cause a person to collapse, lose consciousness and even be in danger of lapsing into a coma. This can also be called a sun stroke in places when this happens due to the heat of the sun.

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